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Petrol Girls Cut & Stitch album showed up in the mail a couple weeks ago.

I'm not an audiophile or vinylhead by any means but there is something special about owning my favorite albums on vinyl so I was pumped when I got the bandcamp notification about this one.

What an amazing album.

uspol, mapol 

I honestly cannot believe that 1.8 million massachusetts residents looked at the current state of our political system and public discourse and said, "no this is great why would I want to change it?"

uspol, phallic news graph 

The NYT "Tracking the vote count" graph for PA is a masterpiece, worrying results aside.

Selfie, ec 

Let's hear it for the best part of the fall: light jackets.

"2020, amirite" 

2020 vacations mean watching The Simpsons in a hotel room a few towns over.

Selling at a craft fair with my wife today and this is the tent next to us.

...unless it's meant to be a troop in a ghillie suit?

Little Fluff helps me crack the case in Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective.

moderately lewd book cover 

Thought folks might dig this book I found in a "free!" box on the side of the road.

Finally coming out of my miniatures game fatigue and trying out the .

I've heard very good things from some people and very bad things from others, but the setup at least has been pleasant compared to other miniatures games. So we're off to a good start.

Let's see how this goes.

We're finally getting around to playing the Lost Village portion of the campaign now that the sleeves finally came in last week.

We finished the first encounter and lost the second one once due to unlucky market deck. Lots of fun.

We played Scooby Doo: Escape from the Haunted Mansion.

It was super fun! I tend to like escape room type games anyway (except Exit, which I can't get into).

And this game hit a really nice sweet spot for the genre. It was massively thematic and the puzzles were fun (if a _bit_ too easy). We moved along at a good clip, enjoyed the story, and didn't get frustrated.

Looking forward to more games using this system.

(Image hidden due to midgame components, but no real plot spoilers)

uspol, negative as if there's another kind 

I don't understand how anybody can read this without feeling physically ill.

Trump has done a lot of shit that has made me feel physically ill and downright terrified for the future, but somehow "implement nationalistic brainwashing in education to teach American exceptionalism" still manages to rank.

Even though I already know our public school curriculum is among the most nationalistic in the world. Or at least was 20-30 years ago.

body horror? 

Lego Mario is terrifying before you build him.

selfie ec 

Problematic faves: South of the Border, South Carolina

uspol, violence mention 

"Key Points" inexplicably presented from least important to most important.

Here's an unimpeded view without my mug in the way.

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