This hulahoop has been in a disused part of our garden for a couple years. And every single time I walk by I wonder when we buried a big clay planter in the ground.

Today we moved all the new baby bonsais into plastic pots. It's a little early for some of them, but the peat pots had finally started to mold after a month or so.

Which also means bottom-watering ahoy.

When your new social media team member previously interned at pornhub.

I ordered "100 inches of vinyl" from a couple weeks ago.

It showed up yesterday and did not disappoint. Six 12" + four 7" = 100".

cat ec 

She loves jumping up on the bed and pushing me over so I'm boxed in between her and my wife and can't move. And tbh I don't hate it.

Oh my media didn't attach to that last one? Service here is poor.

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plugging my wife's business, cute cat-shaped pouch 

My wife designs fabrics and sews bags, pouches, masks, and scrunchies out if it (including these ultra-cute cat pouches with ears).

She also donates 10% of all sales to a worthwhile charity every month.

If you're looking to get yourself or anyone else some high quality bags or whatever, check her out at use the code BLACKFRIYAY at checkout this weekend for 10% off $20+.

Petrol Girls Cut & Stitch album showed up in the mail a couple weeks ago.

I'm not an audiophile or vinylhead by any means but there is something special about owning my favorite albums on vinyl so I was pumped when I got the bandcamp notification about this one.

What an amazing album.

uspol, mapol 

I honestly cannot believe that 1.8 million massachusetts residents looked at the current state of our political system and public discourse and said, "no this is great why would I want to change it?"

uspol, phallic news graph 

The NYT "Tracking the vote count" graph for PA is a masterpiece, worrying results aside.

Selfie, ec 

Let's hear it for the best part of the fall: light jackets.

"2020, amirite" 

2020 vacations mean watching The Simpsons in a hotel room a few towns over.

Selling at a craft fair with my wife today and this is the tent next to us.

...unless it's meant to be a troop in a ghillie suit?

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