Whoa. I had been loosely following the @funkwhale channels development, but I didn't realize it already _released_ in 0.21 along with a bunch of other great new features, fixes, and improvements! Updating my instance was easy as always.

If you haven't already, check out what the folks have been up to lately:

@norm Is your instance private (since you don't seem to have it linked anywhere)?

If so, what do you use it for? To share music with friends?

@friend Yeah, private instance at

I use it instead of Spotify/etc. I used to run subsonic like 12 years ago before I moved to Spotify/Google, then I set up about a year ago. My friends still use Spotify/etc, so just me on my instance.

I have tracks on SoundCloud that I could move over and share in a public channel now that feature exists. Channels+federation are compelling features for publishing content.


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