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Or vice versa, but I guess that's not so likely anymore.

Like it's not perfect, but it's at least recognizable.

I'm not usually one for cover albums, but I'd pay good money for an album of KK Slider covering Leonard Cohen songs.

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Turns out governments can just write a big blank check and make money appear out of thin air.

Turns out most of the shit we were getting paid fuck all to do was pointless busy work all along.

Turns out the people doing the most important work are the ones getting paid the least.

Turns out they can house the homeless overnight if they have enough motivation.

Turns out they can just cancel evictions and rent hikes.

Its very interesting to see what is considered a "crisis" and what is not.

In case you're wondering, you can get a pretty close approximation to the PokeCenter tune for your island tune in . It's not exact due to the lack of sharps, but it's not bad.

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say it with me folks, urban 👏 ecological 👏 communes

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Hey Fediverse!

Do y'all have any recommendation for murder-mystery novels, crime noir style preferred, that have no cops or colonial justice system at all?

Boosts encouraged, thanks!

Love listening to British folks doing American accents and all the extra Rs they throw in everywhere.

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I hate it when I am serving a dark lord and fail him for the last time

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wot I wrote: 

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Self care tip: You do not need to watch live developments of any news.

neither now, nor in the future.

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re: Admin announcement 

virus adjacent 

virus, money 

I saw a post about print and play . I usually don't go for them due to needing to like make cards and shit.

But it mentioned , which is just a rulebook/character sheet/etc, then you bring your own dice and graph paper.

I bought it and started in today. Seems pretty fun so far. But seems to mostly play itself without many real decisions for me to make. I'm willing to stick it out another session or two to see if that changes.

Maybe check it out?

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If you're looking for something to keep you busy during social distancing, why not remember every time you said something embarrassing or made a joke that didn't land in front of someone you liked or respected?

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