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What kind of wedding DJ doesn't have the live version of Musta Got Lost by J Giles off of Blow Your Face Out? Especially one operating in Massachusetts?

Whenever I'm feeling lonely, I watch Sphere. Cause I'm pretty sure "Norman" is the most frequently-used word in that movie.

Love to watch a new season of a show or a new entry in a book series and have absolutely no idea what's going on for about 50% of it.

Looking though images on my phone and found this masterpiece.

When Maury Policy dies, are they gonna sell "mementos Maury"?

Verdict: second game was much like the first one. It was... alright. And somewhere in there is maybe even a great game.

The moment to moment is a lot of fun and very "original deep space d6." But the overall balance, flow, and pacing of the game could use some work.

I've been checking out some suggestions on bgg that I'll be trying out next time.

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Saturday. Starting in on a second game of Deep Space D6 Armada.

This is _just about_ a worthy sequel to one of my favorite solo games. The rulebook needs some work and the rules themselves might need some tweaks. So I'm looking forward to errata and common house rules.

But the components are great, and the moment-to-moment gameplay is fun.

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There's only two kinds of people in the world

"Wow that was a shitty experience, I hope no one else ever has to go through that"


"Wow that was a shitty experience, everyone should have to go through that"

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no new job applicants at my small business (giant centipede-filled pit in the ground i throw everyone arriving for an interview into)... if this continues i'll have to close shop. people just have no work ethic these days, having grown indolent from the government not allowing landlords to use napalm to evict them!

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Heading towards curl eight - Turning 25 and bumping the major version number on the same day should be fun.

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Yes, I'm asking for help, and it's hard: Rebooting my Life (long) 

TL;DR: I survived a ridiculous run of overwhelming, life threatening BS and need help rebuilding myself to live in the "real world" that I keep hearing about.

I could write a novel about things that have gone wrong in the last decade, so I'll give a still-brief sum up: about 10 years ago I survived Stage IV and II cancers with about a 30% survival chance. I worked full time through all of it. After recovering my ex took nearly everything I owned after we moved to their family home after I lost my job. On the way back to family, my car died and I had to sell it for food/shelter after which family took me in. I have been without work, permanent housing, and income for 4 years. I'm done listening to people who have convinced me that I'm a failure and should just give up and live with my emotionally abusive family.

A while back I asked for help on a kofi to get my hosting costs covered for professional / self promotion, portfolio building, and learning. I'm asking again for funding to get the next items to pull myself up: Educational books, related software, and maybe even a phone that doesn't randomly reboot and hosting isn't bottom tier.

I have a kofi, and while the page itself focuses on my music goals what I'm really shooting for here is getting into InfoSec and/or DevOps.

Please feel free to pass around and drop some coin my way. I'd really appreciate it.

Thank you for reading this, donating, and boosting.

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Because I so dearly love it when humans play along when computers ask for silly things, I have generated drawing prompts for #botober2021!

I've managed to get GPT-3 to follow themes. Here's "animals". The rest are at this link:

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CW for alcohol, boycott for striking distillery workers, please boost 

The UFCW Local 23D, whose workers operate the Heaven Hill distillery have rejected their contract and elected to strike.

Please don't buy:
Evan Williams, Elijah Craig, Larceny, and Henry McKenna Bourbons; Rittenhouse Rye Whisky; Deep Eddy and Burnett’s Vodkas; Admiral Nelson’s and Blackheart Rums; Black Velvet Canadian Whisky; Lunazul Tequila; The Christian Brothers Brandies; HPNOTIQ Liqueur and more

Check the label!

Never work
Never suffer
Never tip your hat to another
Never be a ma'am or a sir

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On 9/11 I’m always reminded how the country as a whole desperately needs to see a therapist

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the nation is run by christian fundamentalist extremists who kill their dissenters and keep innocent people locked in torturous cages for decades. they turn away or kill refugees and impose extremist laws on women while telling the rest of the world that it's in the name of security and morality. they are gathering weapons of mass destruction and have already used them multiple times against innocent civilians in the name of defending their corrupt and dangerous empire. most people live in substandard conditions especially those considered unworthy by elite puppetmasters. humanitarian aid is squashed or penalized. they poison the air, water and soil needed for their people to live. already-brainwashing media is muzzled and controlled by government agencies. they don't even feed children or give healthcare to those who most need it. oh and they have this thing called "SCOTUS"

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Shepherd threatened
by tiger says
he will report matter
to ass:
tiger flees.

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